With Flawless Widescreen, You Can Solve 6 Multi-Monitor Gaming Issues

flawless widescreen

6For users willing to invest in several displays and at least one high-performance GPU, multi-monitor gaming can be a fun and engaging experience. Despite AMD and NVIDIA’s marketing efforts, many games still do not display properly across multiple monitors by design.

  • Some problems with multi-monitor displays and some games can be fixed manually by changing the games’ configuration files, and places like WidescreenGaming.net can help users with this.
  • Flawless Widescreen, a free utility that handles the modifications required to run unsupported games through AMD’s Eyefinity and NVIDIA’s Surround technologies, is available for users who don’t want to dig into the configuration files manually.

While Flawless Widescreen does not support every game, it does support several common titles, including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Diablo III, and StarCraft II. The utility not only adds multi-monitor support to older titles but also improves the user experience for games that already support multiple monitors technically. When used with NVIDIA surround, Flawless Widescreen, for example, automatically changes the menus and HUD for Mass Effect 3 to look better.

flawless widescreen

The software is clear and easy to use and understand on its own. Check-button options allow users to automatically detect the GPU form and driver version and activate useful features like bezel correction. Both the app and its game profiles can be set to upgrade automatically when new versions are released.

Game profiles are known as “plugins,” and users can opt to download only the ones they want for each game or all of them at once. Each plugin comes with custom artwork from the game, the option to select between different versions (such as Steam versus Retail), and a detailed explanation of the improvements it makes. Users can quickly search and move between games thanks to a tabbed interface.

The menus were displayed correctly, the cinematic cutscenes filled the screen instead of being centered on the middle display, and the field of view was greatly enhanced in our testing of the initial Mass Effect at 5760*1080. All of these fixes could have been done manually by editing configuration files, but launching Flawless Widescreen and enabling the Mass Effect plugin was much more convenient and encouraged us to concentrate on saving the galaxy rather than fiddling with aspect ratio settings.

Free download of Flawless Widescreen is now open. If you’re looking for a quick way to make games on your multi-monitor system look their best, check it out.

6 Must-Have Programs for Multi-Moni­tor and Wide-Screen Gaming

It’s a good idea to stay on top of your game with the latest tech, whether you’re a novice to widescreen gaming or a seasoned veteran. Here are my six must-haves after years of multi-monitor use.


The programmes would allow you to increase the game resolution beyond that of a single screen, allowing you to see it on all of them. It’s hard to game on several monitors without it.


If you’ve tried playing on greater resolutions before, I’m sure you know all about the issues with incorrect aspect ratios, black bars, poorly-placed interface elements, and unchangeable fields of view.

You’d normally have to hunt through secluded forums and fiddle with game files to find the solution but this application changes everything.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll periodically turn off your high-resolution display and use the other displays for something more useful.

The aim of DisplayFusion is to make all of this easier to manage. It will provide hundreds of features in an all-in-one suite, such as:

  • You should have several taskbars so you can get rid of the one on your gaming screen.
  • Opening, maximising, and shifting windows around displays have all improved the quality of life.
  • Hotkeys to quickly turn and transfer between programmes are available as an option.
  • Individual monitors may have their refresh rates reduced, allowing you to get the most out of your gaming experience.


Your machine will get hot and your output will be a little shaky if your device is locked in at maximum use.

These concerns will be alleviated by MSI Afterburner. It displays all of your temperature and performance data in the corner of your game, so it’s always available.

Use this to figure out when you need to lower your game settings to keep your machine running smoothly and the temperature down.

MSI Afterburner is a free programme that includes some overclocking tools. The overlay options are located inside the software.


Do you have a spare laptop? Symless allows you to merge your devices in a seamless manner, allowing you to add an extra screen to your setup.

This is ideal for accessing a walkthrough, listening to music, or having a social media programme open while gaming.

With almost no performance loss, Symless will combine Windows, Mac, and Linux devices with a network link into one.


With so many displays, are you having trouble maintaining a reasonable frame rate? I have a solution for you.

Razer Cortex switches off background programmes on your screen, freeing up energy for your demanding games. Your results can vary depending on your machine, programmes, and game, but they are usually favourable.

It is not needed to start a game via Cortex. You will see if it’s helping with a little trial and error.

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